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If I had it to do all over again, I would have never, ever gone to Lasik Vision Institute. I paid so much more than a coworker did. She was able to negotiate a much, much lower price. I had no idea you could negotiate price when it came to medical procedures. I can see maybe 10% difference, but not 40% cheaper. The details from my coworker, she went to Lasik Vision Institute to find out about pricing and to see is she was a good candidate. She was given a price, realized that she couldn't afford it, the "salesperson" left the room, came back with a lower price, she still couldn't afford that, the "salesperson" left the room came back with a lower price and she still couldn't afford that. She left and three days later the "salesperson" called her with an even lower price. The price she paid was a fraction of the price I was offered. And whatever you do, DO NOT PURCHASES THE LIFETIME PLAN. It's not lifetime and they will not honor the agreement.

I have been trying to get a call back from them since February 2012. I have even tried the corporate office to no avail. I leave a message, they tell guarantee someone will call me back by the end of the next business day and they never do. When I did finally get to talk to someone, he was very belligerent and completely unprofessional. I really was shocked and appalled that someone would actually treat a customer this way.

Honestly this has been the most unethical company I have ever dealt with. Save yourself a lot of time and headache go with ANY OTHER Lasik company.

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I'm having the Exact same issues. It's been a year and still can't see.

I can ONLYndrive at night with glasses. I go this Friday to discuss an enhancement. I'm honestly scared to death to let them touch me again. I wish they'd refund my money and Ill go back to contacts.

They are horrible to deal with and act like your eye sight is no big deal. It's sad


There's one way to tell that this company is simply not legit and it is the code word "institute" also a way of saying "for-profit" and "screw the customer at all costs." I was told that I wasn't going to go blind. "Well, what is going to happen when you operate on my eyes?" The first red flag is the waiting room was completely empty and they were located in a strip mall.

I have a personal problem with companies putting it out to people that they aren't for profit when they really are. And this isn't the first time I was almost screwed like this. I'm getting my eye surgery done at a local place that is reputable and has a listing on the better business bureau with a good track record. If you read the small print, you will notice that all operations are done by "independent contractors." Doesn't that make you feel so much better?

I want my eyes operated on people who know what the *** they are doing, meaning they have an MD behind their name and they have been there a long time. They also try and get people in there with a teaser rate of $299 per eye, but then charge upwards of $1,500 per eye! How many people do you know that pay just $300 per eye? Not very many!

Otherwise why would you be having lasix performed?

This is just some of the many complaints I have about these charlatans. Don't go to the Lasik Vision Institute because you will get ripped off and they will not honor their agreement.

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