How can one trust these jerks. They had been involved in spamming the world with their fraudulent emails. In simple world they are fraudulent bastards. Stay away from these spammers. Any business involved in spam is basically a fraud.Beware... if a deal seems to good to be true... All the spammers deals always sound to good to be true. They are unethical and bastards by the core.

If you think that spamming me is a good way to gain clientele, think again. I most assuredly will never come near you after finding this in my email.

Way to go!

And to you, Dear Reader.. you do know that the paperclip “attachment” there is a fersher danger sign, right?

Let’s be safe out there, folks, Exercise some “paranoid common sense” when online, won’t you? (Because it’s not paranoid when they are out to get you. That paperclip attachment is a form asking for personal information, so rubes and marks can volunteer up their “identities” – in the hopes of gaining employment..)

Don’t become a victim. Remember the Email Golden Rule. If you don’t recognize the Sender? Don’t open it.

Reason of review: spam from visionlasik.

Preferred solution: These bastards VisionLasik should be banned by all the ISP..

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #960521

So you don't like spam. Yet you babble and carry on like they are going to hurt you.

If you don't like the email that you receive then mark it as spam and delete it. I think you need to find something else to do with your time, do you carry on about all emails that you consider as spam?

to 2 Much time on your hands Irvine, California, United States #1002818

Simply deleting the email does nothing to discourage companies who spam. Posts such as these will appear in Google searches and have a negative impact on their search results.

I'm guessing that you are either affiliated with LVI (and don't appreciate the negative review) or you're also in the business of spamming (which makes you a crook).

Grow a pair and stop crying about.

If LASIK Vision Institute is a legitimate company, then they need to rethink their marketing.

to Anonymous #1415014

I also agree, you really do have too much time on your hands.

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