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I feel as though the Lasik Vision Institute is a rip-off first of all when for free consult decided yet let's go ahead and do this quoted a price then change the party I had cash in my pocket because I don't have medical insurance I was hyped about it a medical emergency I never signed any papers I did the free consult and I came out the pocket with 11:50 I called them to let them know that I could not do the surgery and ask for my refund my money back because I had something else to do that was more important I wasn't gone blind yet but now she has a chance they don't want to call me you don't want to get my money back like telling me 30 days I did was no check it was no credit card it was Cash Money I never signed papers so I'm trying to figure out why is it taking so long for me to get my money back and then this is in Richmond Virginia so then that she's telling me that I'm going to have to wait and I'm like but you didn't wait to take my money even though they said paid in full at the day of I gave her some money on Wednesday when I went in there to see them so I'm just trying to find out what kind of business is being run because why does it take me 30 days to get something I paid infor in cash and they gave me the run-around from last week Thursday Friday yesterday I never heard anything to me she can try to expedite it but she's not sure so my next step is now I'm talking to a lawyer when I call customer service and imma see what I can do about it there because it shouldn't take me that long to get money back that was not post dated or nothing it was Cash and I am very disappointed in these actions I could have a family member that is going to die and they wouldn't give a *** because it's not theirs you didn't lose anything I didn't sign any papers and it's difficult to get my money back

Product or Service Mentioned: Lasik Vision Institute Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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No one can read a whole book with no punctuation!


What does porper mean? Is that porper English?


It's really difficult to read reviews when the reviewer refuses to use punctuation nor porper spelling/grammar. Seriously.

It's not difficult to type a period at the end of a sentence, people!

If I read your review correctly; you are basically saying that you paid cash and did not sign any paper work at all. Is that correct? If that is the case, then I am sorry. I am sorry that I must inform you that you are a ***.

It DOES NOT matter of you pay with cash, card, check, or money order. ALWAYS get a receipt. ALWAYS have paperwork, of some form, to show the transaction of funds. If you didn't sign anything and you don't have a receipt, then there is no way they are going to find it.

Because It Does Not Exist!

" I could have a family member that is going to die[,] and they wouldn't give a ***[.] [B]ecause it's not theirs[.] [Y]ou didn't lose anything[.] I didn't sign any papers and it's difficult to get my money back"

No Duh.

to Richard #1367790

Richard you appear to have miss spelled a few words here. I mean seriously. Before you waste everyone's time having to read this garbage consider wasting your own time and not ours.

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