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I went to LVI at the Cobb office, in Atlanta. I dont know whats up with the new staff but they are not very compitent. I paid for my yearly exam and they put it under so.eone elses name, i told the my account showed that it came out and they had the nerve to ask if the could get my card again. NO! Then some boy that obviouly just graduated from the bottom of his class or is an intern tried to give me an eye exam while i waited for the doctor and... Read more

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My first appointment lasted 5 hours. The day of the surgery lasted 4 hours - after which I found out (completely by chance) that the surgeon that was supposed to perform the surgery and that I signed all my legal papers for WAS NOT going to be there and the surgery was going to be performed by another doctor, who, after walking into my room pronounced: "God Bless you." That was not comforting - was he reading me my last rights? I cancelled my... Read more

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My name is Karen, I had the wave Lasik surgery last July 2015 and I am still dealing with problems in my vision! First of all please Never, Never, seek services for any kind of surgery that the surgeon isn't stationary at that site. I was not aware these doctor's fly to different locations doing these surgeries. My follow ups were with a (so called Doctor) that checks the eyes when the surgeon isn't there. When I finally get through to this... Read more

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Had Lasik in 2013 no problems went to have redone had appointment week ago walked in office for appointment had no idea why I was there. Had conversation on phone in August 2015 and was told I was good to have them redone since there was a "lifetime warranty" I waited until now to get redone my appointment last week was horrible no information given to me said someone would call Monday or Tuesday after surgeon reviewed record and confirm ok for... Read more

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I went there because they advertise prices starting at $ 299.00. I did figure that was just to get a person in the door. When it was all said and done they wanted $9,000.00 And it had to be paided up front. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. One thing for sure they sure made reading glasses look very nice! Ok just my thoughts, I did think the cost would be around 2-3 thousand, But as you can see i was not even close! But at least you... Read more

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If you are considering LASIK, go for the consult. The team in Tucson was incredible from the first phone call and the excellent service has continued as j just had my one week post op visit. Surgery was fast and easy, recovery a breeze and I woke up the next day with 20/20 vision. Years of contacts at $80 a box. And the hassle of the maintenance is now a thing if the past. Also Mono vision was performed do I can see far away and close up!! Dr... Read more

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I had considered LASIK eye surgery for years due to having to deal with contacts way too long. Tucson's LASIK vision institute was wonderful experience! The office staff are excellent, they take pride in what they do. The surgery was fast and easy, it's over so quick and Dr. Abrahams talked through each step of the surgery with a very calm demeaner. Waking up the next day with 20/20 vision was crazy!!!! No down time, no pain.... Why wouldn't... Read more

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They had over 100 patients scheduled to be done before noon. Rushed. Only got partial flap then failed to reveal dangers of second surgery. Permanently ruined vision in right eye and left eye not 20/20. Then all i got is attitude because i happen to be upset that i have permanent eye pain, double vision, blurriness etc.

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Horrible service and experience, all they want is your money and are very pushy for you to have the surgery with them. They did not tell me that I would still need glasses after my surgery by switching from being near sighted to now far sighted. I would have never had the surgery had I known. After the surgery the follow up visits take forever as the place is packed. The surgeon travels from CT to NJ to Long Island NY to BK NY on day of surgery... Read more

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